Saturday, December 29, 2012

NEW: Consulting Services for International Artists

Rockin' In The USA Guide
DMI is now offering inexpensive consulting services to help international artists understand the confusing process and decide whether this is the right time to invest in a tour of the U.S.A. With Rockin' In The USA international artists save valuable time and money, and have the tools they need to plan a tour within their budget.

Rockin' In The USA is a 27-page PDF guide that addresses the major issues international touring artists face:
  • Planning Your US Tour (timelines, geography, setting realistic goals)
  • Work Visa (who needs a work visa, visa types, risks vs. benefits, tools for creating a strong visa application)
  • Logistics (transportation, housing, per diem expenses)
  • Tour Issues (booking, festivals, performance agreements, publicity, promotion, merchandise, backline and rental gear, taxes and accounting)
  • Interactive Budget (customizable planning budget)
  • References & Resources (DMI services, further reading)
Skype Consulting is also available to discuss your individual situation. We can set up a convenient time to talk one-on-one about your unique needs in real time. For a special price you can download the Rockin' In The USA Guide and schedule a Skype Consultation.

See our Consulting Services webpage for pricing and more information.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Halfbreed Lovers & Mattox winter tour dates for December:

Monday, December 10, 2012

How about some Australian music for Christmas?

The video above was shot at one of our Voodoo Cowboy Session parties in 2011 by our friend Marty.  The McMenamins actually broke our long drought that night when their song Umbrella Town made it rain.

The McMenamins are an Independent Acoustic Folk / Roots /Alt Country Brother & Sister duo from Far North Queensland, Australia.  They are funding a new album through crowdsourcing site Pozible with support from people like us.  The plan is to go into a fantastic studio in January and have the new album out in time for Australian and U.S. tours in the summer and fall of 2013.

Pledge as little as $1 at and help support this exciting new album.  And for as little as $15 you can get a copy of the new CD as a belated Christmas present!  Hurry, the pledge drive ends December 15.

You can even try it before you buy it, so to speak!  One of the tracks for the new album, "My Way Home", was debuted at this year's Queensland Music Awards.

Visit them on the web at and listen to their music on SonicBids or iTunes.

Your pledge could get you a private party, a candlelit dinner, a skype concert, signed albums, and more!

"Rock-solid folk debut" - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Fleur possesses a pristine voice... stretching from sotto voce lullaby lilt to animated cowgirl... Long Time Gone merits a place in the record store racks alongside albums by acts such as The Greencards and Nickel Creek..." - The Australian