Thursday, June 17, 2010

DMI Alumni Artist Opens World Cup 2010

If you have been living under a rock for the past week or in denial about the FIFA World Cup being the most popular and celebrated sports tournament in the world, I have news for you.

1. Soccer is the real deal. Get with it.

2. It's okay to like Kobe AND Ronaldo. Really, it is.

3. You just missed THE South African rock group blow the socks off billions of people

DMI Alumni, The Parlotones helped open the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, with the likes of Shakira, Black Eyed Peas and Tinariwen. We take special interest in all of our DMI artists, past and present, so you can bet your last South African Rand that we were glued to the screen cheering them on! Although their original 8 minute set was cut down to 4 minutes due to scheduling, The Parlotones utilized every second with their latest single "Push Me to the Floor". When the crowd's cheers exploded during the set, it was clear The Parlotones are a South African favorite. Rightfully so.

Since their 2005 debut album 'Radiocontrolledrobot', The Parlotones have established themselves as one of South Africa's top selling rock bands this decade. They have platinum and gold albums, a world tour and MTV awards to their name. Plus a resume of stage sharing with artists Metallica, Violent Femmes, Kings of Leon and The Gossip.

If you weren't able to hear The Parlotones when they came through with Blue October or worse haven't heard of them (gasp!), now would be a good time to start googling as they have already broken through the UK market. And as the US always seems the last to know, The Parlotones need to be on your radar... NOW!

Big congratulations to DMI Alumni, The Parlotones! Their fantastic World Cup performance came to us as no surprise but the R. Kelly set was a different story...