Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scare For the Cure

This Friday (8/26) is our first ever official non-gala fundraising event.
We are calling it our; Sneak-Peak!
Our hope is that you will encourage your friends and family to support SCARE buy purchasing a ticket and bidding on the auction items.
We also hope that YOU will be able to buy a ticket and join in the fun, whether or not you will be able to bid.   We realize that not everyone can afford the $50 per ticket price tag but since the venue is on the small side, we only need about 6-8 volunteers to work the event.  This role will primarily be filled by the Board of Directors, a few managers and the odd ...I mean "unique" character or two.   
This year has been rough on our nations economy...and SCARE has felt the pinch as have many of you.  I'm not afraid to tell you that cash donations are down more than 60% and we have had very few material donations as well.  Times are tough all over.  
But, if you have the money to spare and you're not already volunteering for the event, please consider buying a ticket or two, bring a friend, and have a great time.
I am jumping the gun, and may get in a little trouble, but one of the VERY cool items up for auction is dinner at a very nice Austin steakhouse with none other than Lou "The Incredible HULK" Ferrigno!  While you young folks might not know who he old comic geeks certainly do.
This is just one of the awesome things that will help us raise some much needed funds so we can continue to put on the nation's most amazing haunted adventure!!!
Lastly, many of you  make generous donations to SCARE each year.  We would ask that if you had planned on making a donation, to consider making it at the SNEAK-PEAK.
By bidding on a similar dollar amount item, you may spur others to begin bidding, there-by increasing the amount of money we raise at this event.  (which is kinda the point)
I already know what items I will be bidding on....
We hope to see you there!
(if not, BUILD continues!!!)