Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Video of The Halfbreed Lovers

The halfbreed lover's lineup has changed yet again. Former bass player Valarie Apperson is now on drums. Former drummer Ulysses Apperson is now playing double keyboards. And of course, Victor Talamantes is leading steadily with guitar and vocals. The lovers have never been much for video, but from the looks of their new youtube channel, we are now free to violate them with our cameras.

New footage of their show for Black Cactus Records in Phoenix is sure to induce some seizures. You can also peek into their recording session with Audioconfusion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bali Yaaah's debut release


NEVER EARLY ALWAYS FATE - BALI YAAAH's first EP will be released June18th 2011 digitally, on CD, and special edition MP3 flash player. This debut marks the first glimpse into the mysterious fabric of Bali Yaaah's unique mix of musical influences. In addition to traditional CD and digital distribution, the EP is also available on a special edition USB Mp3 player. This is the first and only ever EP released on such a device. The “Usagi” flash drive is not only a 2 gigabyte flash drive shaped like a bunny and loaded with extra material, it comes equipped with headphones and plays MP3 files on the go!

Bali Yaaah (Austin, TX) has a droning 60's psychedelic approach to 80's synth-pop. Think love child between Velvet Underground and Depeche Mode; a fusion of deep fuzzy organs, syncopated drum machines, dubbed out bass, haunting vocals, and searing guitars, this modern organ trio conjures an alluring wall of sound. Driven by band leader and organist Chris Brown, alongside guitarist Jonas Hodges and bassist Alan Uribe, the group evokes a seductive blend of dark synth-wave, and post punk art rock. Often described as “retro music from the future”, the group's influences stem from around the world with hints of African, Asian, and Latin rhythms providing the backbone to many of the group's familiar, yet foreign compositions. Fans of Clinic, LCD Soundsystem, The Black Angels, Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, and early Eno should take special notice.

Psych out now to the band's first video for “Shoot it”here.

Bali Yaaah will be hosting a release party for NEVER EARLY ALWAYS FATE at Skinny's Ballroom on June 18th, 2011.

For more info contact:

Chris Brown